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Bonno van der Putten

Bonno van der Putten

Bonno van der Putten: a profile

As a son of a former professional footballplayer, who travelled across the entire globe, Bonno van der Putten lived in several different countries and places. The mix of cultures, that Bonno and his brother grew up with, has been the basis for his great variety of talents and ability to deal with obviously complex circumstances

Bonno was raised bilingual en when he was 6 years, make his way to the football field. After highschool Bonno van der Putten went to the University of Tilburg in Holland. In the meanwhile Bonno played in the talent team of PSV Eindhoven and he had learned a lot about Oriental self defence sports and martial arts as well. After his study at the university to Southern Europe Bonno went to play with Belenenses, one of Portuguese oldest football clubs in Lisbon.

Quickly he was picked up by scouts and Bonno moved to league champions Benfica. After 3 successful years, Bonno’s professional career took him to Botafogo in Rio de Janeiro where he played in the Campeonato Brasileiro Série A ( the Brazilian Premier Division, commonly referred to as the Campeonato Brasileiro and popularly as the Brasileirão). In 2000 Bonno was transferred to Chivas Guadalajare in Mexico, where he became one of the team’s most influential players as it consolidated in the top and qualified for the Copa Libertadores de América.

In Latin America, with Chivas, Bonno was also requested to become coach of the talent football team. But Bonno’s interests went beyond being a coach; equally he was interested to learn more about the culture and to understand customs and habits, the mentality, the way of training and mental coaching Bonno’s attitude to become a top coach in a other country was simple; if you want to succeed, then it is no more than essential to learn and understand the country, the way of working, the culture and the people.

Back in Europe, professionally in the meanwhile active in Private Equity businesses, football and Oriental sports remained passions that along Bonno’s professional and business pursuits played a main role in his daily life. Professionally Bonno spends a huge part of his time in Spain and Portugal and in the ‘emerging markets’of Eastern Europe, in Russia and within the Balkan states. Bonno saw many countries upon the world and travelled around the globe. In particularly Latin America, South East Asia and the Middle East left inedible experiences.

Because of his experience with many countries and cultures, Bonno knows the international business as very well and van der Putten has developed a flawless sense why one company is successful and the other isn’t.

Currently Bonno works upon a book about best business practices and Code of Ethics within the Private Equity world, Bonno preferable lectures about how to best explore and develop human capital, about matters as self confidence en courage, about teamwork, top performers, about E-commerce, innovation and news way to market, leadership and organisation culture as leverage factor for excellent results. Bonno has lead workshops in several parts of Europe about change management and culture change.

Bonno also handles tailor made assigments for companies and lectures in Dutch, English, Spanish and French, both for smaller groups of management as well as international meetings in Paris.

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